Bean Sprout

How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home – easy peasy

Growing bean sprout at home is so easy – all you will need is a handful of green beans (mung beans), water and an empty clean tetrapack! It’s quick too –
wait for 5 days and you will harvest a tetrapack full of bean sprout from only 30 gm of green beans. Watch this video to see how this is done. Easy peasy!


  • 30 gm of green beans (mung beans)
  • water


1. Soak the green beans in water for one day. This will help the sprouting process.

2. Snip the 4 corners of the tetrapack on the same side as the cap.

3. Pour the soaked green beans into the tetrapack through the cap opening.

4. Turn on the tap and fill the tetra pack with water till the water spill out through the snipped corners.

5. Cap the tetrapack and turn it upside down to drain the water from the 4 snipped corners.

6. Wrap up the tetrapack with a towel and place it in a dark place. I like to put it in the oven when it is not in use. Make sure you don’t turn the oven on by mistake or the sprouts will be cooked – this happened once to me! Ha Ha.

7. Repeat this process of adding water and draining twice a day for the next 5 days.

8. After 5 days, the tetrapack will be bulging with bean sprout. It is time to harvest!

9. Carefully open the tetrapack and you will be greeted with an amazing bunch of juicy bean sprout. I like this part best.

10. Soak the bean sprout in water and eat within 2 days. I like to top and tail the bean sprout – looks amazing!

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